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Safety Rules

Family Traditions Gun Range, LLC wants to make everyone feel safe and comfortable while visiting our facility. Individuals must be able to communicate in English due to all safety rules & safety commands are communicated in English.

Everyone must complete the entire application process and prove they are in compliance with all state and federal laws that govern the possession of firearms and have met all requirements set forth by Family Traditions Gun Range, LLC prior to being allowed in range area. Here is a list of rules & regulations that we ask everyone to abide by while visiting our facility to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Individuals must abide by all safety requirements and operational procedures set forth by Family Traditions Gun Range, LLC at all times while on the property.

  • No one is allowed in the firing range area without the approval of the Family Traditions Gun Range staff. Individuals must have safe working knowledge of firearms prior to utilizing the firing line or are under the supervision of certified instructors during a training program. 
  • All firearms must remain in a holster or carrying case unless you are in your assigned shooting booth.
  • Do not manipulate ventilation equipment for any reason 
  • Ear and eye protection must be worn at all times when visiting range areas.
  • Do not go forward to the firing line for any reason. If an item falls forward of the firing line, alert staff of the issue immediately. 
  • No minors under the age of 10 are allowed in the range area. 
  • Shooters must be at least 48” in height.
  • No “Horse Play” on the firing line.
  • No more than 2 shooters per booth.
  • No low-cut shirts, blouses, or open toed shoes on firing line.
  • No shooting of range equipment such as floor, walls, overhead protectors, railing system, target frames, etc.
  • No leaning or propping on shooting tables or shooting booth walls. 
  • No bench rest shooting allowed on firing range without pre approval. 
  • No holster draw practice without pre approval.
  • No fired casings or unfired ammo in trash cans. 
  • No food or drink allowed on firing range. 
  • Only targets purchased from this facility are allowed to be utilized on firing lines.
  • No high-powered rifle rounds allowed on firing range (ONLY Handgun Calibers 22 LR – 45 LC) 
  • No iron core, steel core, tracer, or incendiary ammunition allowed in range area.
  • If assistance is needed for any reason alert range safety officers by having all firearms safely placed on table in front of you and raising your hands. Allow the safety officer to approach you inside of your assigned booth to address the issue.


  • Treat all firearms as if they are loaded.
  • Keep the muzzle of every firearm pointed down range at all times.
  • Keep your finger outside of the trigger guard until you are on target and prepared to fire the firearm.
  • Always know your target and what is around and beyond your target. 
  • Use only ammunition designated for your firearm.
  • No firearm is allowed outside of the shooting booth unless it is cased or holstered.
  • No rapid firing (at least 1-2 seconds intervals between shots).
  • Always keep your rounds on your target.
  • All loading of magazines and firearms must be done inside your assigned shooting booth.
  • Do not leave firearms unattended or unsecured. 
  • If a misfire occurs, keep the muzzle pointed down range for 30 seconds or more in case of a delayed fire. Once you have exceeded the required wait time eject the round. 
  • Place the misfired rounds into the appropriate storage bin. 
  • Do not continue firing if appropriate sound is not heard. Alert staff members immediately. A staff member will inspect and assure firearms and ammunition are safe to continue. 


  • If an emergency occurs only assist staff members when requested.
  • Anyone may call a cease fire on the firing line at any time by loudly shouting “CEASEFIRE” five or more times until all firing has stopped.
  • When cease fire is announced stop shooting immediately, place firearms on table in shooting booth, and await further instructions from staff members.


  • Gather fired casings with provided equipment and dispose of them in the appropriate bin. 
  • Do not gather spent shell casings with anything other than provided equipment. 
  • Only Clean up casings that are on table, control boxes, and floor that is not beyond the firing line barrier. 
  • Do not sweep casings from the concrete range floor.
  • No casings of any kind are to be thrown in trash cans.
  • Exit the firing line safely with firearms secured in case or holster. 
  • Wash hands immediately after exiting the firing line area with cold soapy water.  
  • Once you have completed all shooting activities, immediately return all firearms to a holster or carrying case.
  • As a courtesy leave your station neat, clean, and free of all casings and trash when you are done shooting.
  • If you do not wish to keep your targets please dispose of it in the trash can along with all other garbage. 
  • Thank You For Reading Safety Rule Sheet # 100. Think Safety & Always Practice Safety.